Madarsa Qamar-e-Bani Hashim (AS) became operational in 2009 with the aim of spreading the knowledge and teachings of the Holy Quran and Ahlul Bayt (AS). With the first batch which comprised of 50 odd students, we initiated Diniyat Classes at Nazimabad Bangash Colony. The madarsa classes continued and progressed and today by the grace of God Almighty we are running 7 different centers for boys and girls all over Karachi. The present strength of students is around 500 supervised by a team of 20 qualified and experienced teachers.
Karachi is a mega city with a bustling population of over 25 million people. As in any other developing country’s metropolitan city, it is divided into several categories of developed, under-developed and undeveloped localities. Adopting the approach of special concern about the undeveloped region, we targeted the remote areas of Karachi where madarsas are less in number. Our Madarsa classes include the teachings of Quran and Diniyat. After proper pre-launch research at each center, different durations and timings were introduced at each madarsa, i.e. either daily, or weekly. The convenience of the area residents was kept on high priority so that maximum number of students can benefit from the Madarsa system. The details of each center is as below:

  1. Baldiya Boys: only on Sundays
  2. Bhitaiabad Boys: only on Sundays
  3. Chishtinagar Boys: only on Sundays
  4. Nazimabad Boys: daily classes from Monday to Saturday
  5. Madarsa-e-Mehdia (ATFS), Soldier Bazar: daily classes from Monday to Friday
  6. Nazimabad Girls: on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  7. Bhitaiabad Girls: only on Thursdays

In order to increase the interest of students and to provide them the opportunity to polish and present their skills, the management regularly organizes madarsa co-curricular activities like introducing awareness of important days and events and arranging different programs like Majalis, Jashan (celebrations) and competitions etc. Teachers are the role models of society. Our teaching faculty is the backbone of the whole madarsa system of Qamar-e-Bani Hashim (AS). Organizing regular training sessions for the teachers is an integral part of our Madarsas. A properly trained teacher that is not only abreast with modern teaching techniques but is also knowledgeable about the modern sciences produces such gems who can mold the shape of our society. In the end we raise our hands in prayers may Allah(SBT) help us achieve our aim to spread the teachings of the Holy Quran and Ahlul Bayt (AS) to the masses.

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