Indoor Activities

Indoor games Indoor itself can be define as a “situated in, or appropriate to the inside of a house or other building” so Indoor sport is a activities or things that happen or are used inside a building and not outside.

Sports are activities requiring a good deal of competitive physical action. Some sports are played outdoor, while some are played indoor. Unlike outdoor sports, most indoor sports are less physically strenuous.

For thousands of years people have invented Indoor games and sports to amuse themselves when confined within a house or other building. Often these are played in social or family situations, or when darkness or bad weather prevent people from moving outside.

Such amusements have been developed throughout the world. Others require a great deal of skill on the part of the players.

Various indoor games, including billiards, snooker and pool, are played on a large, flat, cloth-covered table with six pockets. In these games, each of the two players tries to pot the balls (knock them into the pockets) by striking them with a cue-ball, which is hit with the tip of a stick called a cue.

In billiards, there are just three balls: a white cue-ball for each player and one red ball. Points are scored by potting the balls, by sending the cue-ball into a pocket ‘in off’ one of the other balls, or by getting the cue-ball to hit both the other balls (a cannon). The winner is the player who reaches an agreed score first, or who has the highest score after a certain time.

In snooker there are 22 balls: 1 cue-ball, 15 reds and 6 colours. A player must first pot one of the red balls (scoring 1 point) and then one of the colours, which are worth between 2 points (yellow) and 7 (black). The colour ball is put back on the table, and the player tries to put another red. The turn or break continues until the player fails to score or plays a foul shot. When all the red are have gone, the colours are potted in sequence from yellow to black, which marks the end of the game or frame. The winner of the frame is the player with the most points. Most professional matches are decided over a fixed number of frames.

Table Tennis can be classified as a major sport worldwide, with millions of participants, major tournaments (with its own superstars), and many other things that make a sport truly a class of its own.

As a sport that emphasizes endurance and reflexes above simple size and strength, people of all ages and genders can play on an equal field. The sport is played indoors so year-round competition and practice is possible. A game requires only two players at the least, and typically lasts around 30 minutes, enabling quick matches during breaks, etc.

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