Ayyam e Fatmiyah Majalis

One of the most prominent days of celebration in which a couple of events transpired together in history is remarked as Eid-e-Zehra (SA). Eid-e-Zehra holds importance as this is the beginning of Imamat or the coronation of the 12th Imam (ATFJ). Furthermore, the same day on the 9th of Rabi-ul-Awal 67 A.H., Imam e Sajjad (A.S) received the slit head of Ibn-e-Ziyad, sent by Hazrat Mukhtar Ibne Ubaidullah Al-Saqafi. At that moment, Imam e Sajjad (AS) rejoiced for the first time after the mourning due to tragic event of Karbala where his family and friends were murdered in cold blood by the companions of Yazeed (L.A).

Green Island Youth Forum spearheads to spread splendor of this day and transmit the historical event to future generations. In this context, GYF arranges an annual celebration in Soldier Bazar, Karachi, for rejoicing ambience, after Ayam-e-Aza (days of mourning). The event takes place at fixed date, i.e. 9th Rabi ul Awwal, in which prominent figures, including Poets and Manqabat Reciters of the community are invited to grace the Mushaira in the praise of Ahle Bait (A.S). Various Islamic Scholars are also invited to spread the teachings of Ahle Bait (A.S) and reveal the significance of this historical event. At this stage, new talents are also encouraged to participate and polish their skills and confidence at the same time. From the stage to the entire ambience, the setting divulges the happiness and ensures to enhance the day’s joy with the support and countless efforts of associated volunteers. Distribution of Niaz in an organized manner is followed after each session.

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